Public Diplomacy in Other Words

Public diplomacy scholarship remains an English-language sub-field with few cross-linguistic conversations. With the aim of facilitating inclusiveness and dialogue in public diplomacy research, the Journal of Public Diplomacy launched a special issue initiative to compare non-English public diplomacy literature. In this project, the authors will systematically review the literature in non-English languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, and Vietnamese offering insights into similarities and differences and their implications for public diplomacy scholarship and practice.

The following is the tentative timetable of this project:

Jan-Mar’23: Finalizing the selection of texts/ articles

Apr-May’23: Analyzing the selected texts/ articles

May’23: A panel to discuss the preliminary findings (to be organized by Ewha Public Diplomacy Center)

Jun-Nov’23: Further analysis of the selected texts/ articles and finalizing the first drafts

Nov’23: A workshop to give each other feedback on the manuscripts (either at KAPD’s International Public Diplomacy Conference or to be organized by Ewha Public Diplomacy Center)

31 Jan’23: Submission of the full article

Feb-May’24: Reviews and revisions

Apr’24: ISA panel to introduce the special issue articles

Jun’24: Publication of the special issue in Journal of Public Diplomacy

Late’24 or early’25: Publication of the special issue as a book (publisher TBC)